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The Very Best You The team that delivers change

The Very Best You The team that delivers change

The Very Best You The team that delivers change The Very Best You The team that delivers change The Very Best You The team that delivers change

The Very Best You

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The way things are......

A strange and difficult time.....

The question I have been asked more than anything else in the past few weeks is “what on earth is happening“? unfortunately, I am not able to answer in just a few words as the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in our recent history so I can’t just refer to our knowledge base, or rely on my personal experience and years of studying to come up with satisfactory answers.

I think the answer comes from taking these in full separations as the time to reconnect with ourselves, re-evaluate who we are, and build some goals that will help us become the people we aspire to be,  this is where Coaching is the most valuable tool in your emotional and mental health toolbox.

The team and I are here to support you, so to that end we have doubled the amount of availab you can be confident that when you need us, we will be there for you.


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What is happening? This is the question that I have been asked more than any other in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, this is the one time that I can’t fall upon my years of experience or my library of books to find the answers;  like you all I have had to look inside of myself to find my own answers.

We live in a society where we are in constant communication with our friendship groups, family, even our service providers so it’s very hard for us all to separate ourselves completely from the world. Yes, we have social media et cetera that will help bridge the gap but the reality is, and the reality that until now we have not recognised, is that we are all squashed together on a tiny island and suddenly we are being told we need to live in complete or partial isolation; unlike our predecessors, we are simply not prepared to do so.

Lonliness caused by isolation is unhealthy even in normal circumstances but as we not have any experience of living like this I am concerned that the long-term effects will be more damaging than we realise.

We  believe that Coaching can bridge the gap, can and will help everyone develop the resilience, the skills, the fortitude that will bring them through this crisis unscathed.

To  that  end ,  the team and I  have  made a decision to double the availability of coaching appointments so that we will be available when you need us, at a time of your convenience. All we ask is that if you book an appointment, you keep to it

Be  safe,  be  strong.

Marisa  &  the  VBY  team  

Sempre  Avanti  


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